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Article: Introducing Maison Alma

Introducing Maison Alma

Introducing Maison Alma

Maison Alma crafts one-of-a-kind statement pieces that exist at the intersection between fashion, interior design and architecture.

Maison Alma crafts one of a kind statement pieces that represent the ​emancipation of Latin American luxury. Born in Colombia, designer Daniela Bahamon grew up in four countries around the region at a time of widespread political and social instability. In this context, people’s homes became safe havens and the concept of luxury was redefined: it could be found in the masterful use of color, the presence of nature inside the house and the predominance of noble materials. With Maison Alma, Bahamon sought to bring the Latin American experience of luxury from the private sphere to the outside world.

Her designs are vibrant, sophisticated and created to endure the test of time. Like certain exceptional pieces of furniture that become family heirlooms, Maison Alma’s garments are made with the best quality interior design fabrics, becoming a piece you inherit generation after generation. Each garment is made to order and hand crafted by master tailors in Bogotá, Colombia. Bahamon works exclusively with local weavers and artisans to preserve her country’s ancient traditions and is proud to have a zero waste manufacturing process.