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Designer, fashion curator, entrepreneur and mother, Eliana Gamboa Chapman established MY PALOMA as a platform for ethical luxury, focused on preserving and celebrating the rich textile traditions and artistry that are deeply rooted in Latin America.

Drawing from her Peruvian-Australian upbringing, Eliana seeks to cultivate unique and sophisticated pieces that open our minds to new cultures and creative collaborative practices. She upholds her dedication to social causes and the empowerment of women as fundamental pillars of her artistic vision and entrepreneurial philosophy.

Driven by a curiosity for discovering new and alternative perspectives, she enrolled in postgraduate studies in International Relations at Sydney University and in Art Curating and Cultural Leadership at UNSW Art & Design, shaping a diverse outlook on leadership within the creative and cultural sphere in Australia and beyond.

"I am inspired by My Paloma's innovative approach to conveying the evolution of a dynamic Latin American aesthetic from a truly unique vantage point, enriching the discourse with the artistry of skilled artisans as a repository of wisdom and cultural expression rooted in centuries of tradition."

Join us on our journey as we continue to re-shape the understanding of fashion as a vehicle that reflects and transports culture.